Welcome to St Laurence Music Inc.


St Laurence Music Incorporated was established in 2001 to promote the appreciation of choral, organ and orchestral music through performances, recordings, tours and scholarships at or in association with Christ Church St Laurence.


The principal activities of the organisation are concert performances, recordings, occasional tours both within Australia and abroad, and provision of scholarships for further training in singing or playing or the study of music.

Since its conception, St Laurence Music has provided funding for a number of activities. In January, 2005, a grant was awarded for a chorister to attend the Royal School of Church Music Summer School that was held at St Paul’s College, University of Sydney.

Early in 2006, St Laurence Music assisted a young conducting student with the cost of air travel incurred in attending Symphony Australia conducting workshops with symphony orchestras in Adelaide, Hobart and Brisbane. Late in 2006, St Laurence Music awarded five traveling grants to full-time students who participated in the Choir of Christ Church St Laurence tour to Great Britain and the USA.

St Laurence Music recently provided funds to assist the Choir of Christ Church St Laurence in the production of an audio recording of music from Lent to Easter Light's Glittering Morn. The previous recording, What Sweeter Music (2005) was also made at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta and was funded by St Laurence Music. Both have become popular compact discs. We must not forget it was not long ago that the arrival of a baroque chamber organ from Henk Klop in The Netherlands provided much excitement and interest. The organ has now been put to regular use in both services and concerts.

In 2018, Hamish Wagstaff has been as the latest in a line of talented musicians to hold the post of Organ Scholar, and he does so with skill. St Laurence Music is glad to provide the funds for his position. The on-going funding of Choral Scholarships remains at five places. Through this program we aim to attract new young student singers. This initiative is vital in keeping the standards high and the choir young. We will disburse $6,000.00 p.a. to each of those who are appointed to be choral scholars.

In summary, grants of funds will be made available in 2018 which exceed $30,000.00 (for organ and choral scholarships alone), and other grants will be made available (audio recording, Lenten Concert), totalling $20,000.00. The organisation provides advertising and funds for the successful series of Sunday afternoon, monthly organ recitals performed by local and overseas artists to keen audiences. The St Laurence Music committee continues to make sure it provides funds to support a range of associated activities with the money already given in donation.

How to Donate?

Please be aware, especially if you are tidying your tax affairs before the end of the financial year that tax deductible donations can be made to our Donations Funds. At present the Donations Fund contains a total which is just over $200,000.00 and we do expect to be disbursing over $40,000.00 in the next twelve months to cover the range of programs described above.

Funds can be transferred electronically to St Laurence Music Inc Donations Fund,
BSB 032-005, Account Number: 47-3639.
Please send an email to c.johnston@ccsl.org.au and a receipt will be issued.
Cheques should be made payable to St Laurence Music Inc Donations Fund.

The name St Laurence Music Inc is reserved with the NSW Department of Fair Trading, and St Laurence Music Inc has been included by the Federal Department of Communication, Information Technology and the Arts on its Register of Cultural Organisations.

Funds must be used in pursuit of the purpose of the Association. It is a not-for-profit organisation and is prohibited from distributing profits to members. Any profits generated can only be used for the principal purpose.

Tax Deductability

St Laurence Music Inc is intended to attract tax-deductible donations to be used in fulfilling its principal purpose. It can accrue funds that will allow long-term accumulation of capital resources. This will gradually enhance the standard and depth of musical expertise on hand for the parish in years to come.

It is, however, an Association independent from the Parish of Christ Church St Laurence. It is not intended to detract from the CCSL Choir’s primary purpose of providing music in the service of the Parish.

The Australian Taxation Office has granted St Laurence Music Inc gift recipient status. This means that all donations over $2 are tax deductible.


St Laurence Music provides funding for groups and individuals to assist in further training in singing, playing, the study of music as well as public performances. Individuals as well as groups can apply for assistance from St Laurence Music at any time. Funds must be used in pursuance of the objectives of the organisation.

The Members of St Laurence Music Incoporated

Fr Daniel Dries (Chairman), Craig Johnston (Secretary & Public Officer), Peter Jewkes (Treasurer), Brenda Hunter, Greg Loveday, Neil McEwan, Anthony Miller.

St Laurence Music Inc
PO Box K686
Haymarket NSW 1240